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5 office design tips for maximum productivity

How your workplace is designed has a huge impact on your employee’s mood, performance and productivity. A windowless office filled with ancient equipment and bare walls wont inspire and motivate nearly as well as one filled with sunlight and personality.

To help you get the most from your environment, here are our 5 tips to improve productivity in the workplace.

Create a quiet zone for individual focused work


Whilst open office design can reduce costs and increase office capacity, evidence suggests it can have a detrimental impact on productivity. The lack of privacy inherent with open design means that workers can often be disturbed when attempting to focus on individual tasks. A 2013 study by Gensler found that 53% of workers surveyed were frequently disturbed by others when working on private tasks.

A productive office will offer a quiet zone for this sort of work, ideally partitioned off from the main office, and available to anyone who needs it. The furniture and décor should also match the function. If space is limited, perhaps invest in some dividers for certain desks to break line of sight and reduce noise.

Provide ample natural light

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Sunlight makes people happy, and the happier people are, generally the better they work. If your office is a dull environment with little-to-no natural light, your workers might be feeling the impact of this and performances will be affected.  

Studies have also shown that natural light in the workplace can increase your sleep time, which in turn can improve your productivity and happiness. Make sure there is no screen glare though.

Strategically design your office to maximise access to sunlight, and make sure everyone can get a glimpse of the outside world throughout their day.

Add colour and personality


A boring office is an unproductive office. Placing artwork on walls and decorating your working environment can have a really positive impact on the way people work. Working in a space with artwork can inspire creativity, which in turns gives a boost to productivity.

An attractive workplace also makes people proud of their office, making workers happier. If you are meeting clients, having an inviting space also makes them feel more welcome and confident.

When it comes to individuals work zones, allowing employees to add their own touch of personality, be it photos of their family or even a small desk plant, can also have a positive impact.

Understanding your company culture is your brand

Invest in the right tools

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You can have the best and brightest workers, but they can only work as well as the tools you provide them. For most tasks employees will be seated, so providing a comfortable and adjustable chair is important, and will help maximise productivity. Bad backs are the number one cause of sick days, so providing furniture to promote good posture will keep your workforce healthy and happy.

With agile workplaces increasingly in demand, faster Wi-Fi, laptops, and team collaboration software are tools which allow your workforce to maximise their output. You don’t want a slow internet connection to be holding up projects!

Finding the balance is key here and every business is different. Make sure you understand the demands and provide suitable equipment to meet these requirements, with a little leeway for future needs.  

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Offer a place to unwind

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Creating a social area where employees can relax is a critical factor often forgotten by office managers. Taking a break is an important part of the working day, and being able to unwind away from your desk is equally important.

Delegate an area free from office stresses where employees can take lunch, hold informal meetings or have a coffee break. Like other areas, make it light, inviting, and comfortable. This gives workers the opportunity to their stretch legs, disconnect from their work and maybe get a glimpse of the outside world.

Do you have any other tips for a productive workplace? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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