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Designing for a sustainable today - May 13 webinar

What are the environmental challenges faced by the design industry today? And what practical measures can any industry take to improve their sustainability?
"Designing for a sustainable today" is a free webinar presented by Flokk SVP Christian Lodgaard, where he tackles these two big questions, and a whole lot more, in 30 minutes.


About the Webinar

For us, sustainability is not a communication concept. It is how we work.  

Sustainable design is an integral part of Flokk’s DNA. This DNA is unchangeable, it’s a key element with which we start when thinking about a new concept. It runs through everything we do no matter what product or brand the focus may be on, and it starts with the right choice of materials.  

In this webinar, you´ll be able to learn more about Flokk´s strong legacy of circular design principles and how our sustainability goals affect everything we do. 

Christian Lodgaard is Senior Vice President of Products & Brands in Flokk. His background is from product design and engineering, and a strong sustainability focus has been key throughout his career.

Designing for a sustainable today

Date: Wednesday 13th May | 10:00 CET

Duration: 30 minutes

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Marianne Otterdahl Møller on 06-May-2020 09:59:17

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Designing for a sustainable today - May 13 webinar


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