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Digital artist rates & reviews the HÅG Capisco

Artists & illustrators spend a lot of time sitting still. Often poised for hours on end, they require specialist equipment to ensure they are not only comfortable at work, but that their profession isn’t causing lasting issues to their bodies. It is for that reason that illustrator and digital artist Lawrence Mann created his YouTube Channel; to share his knowledge with others, in creating the perfect artist environment.

In his series of videos entitled ‘Ergonomics for Artists’, Lawrence has critiqued a variety of equipment, including sit stand desks and monitor mounts and we were excited to hear that Lawrence recently reviewed the HÅG Capisco, which he has acquired for his home studio.

Speaking about the video Lawrence said “I have spent a long time looking for the ultimate chair for drawing tablet users such as myself. Digital Artists have different needs to many others so I created this short 5 point check list to help me find the perfect seat for my studio." 


5 reasons to love

In his video, Lawrence identifies 5 key issues he faces whilst at work, and how the HÅG Capisco faces up to these challenges. Lawrence praises the way the Capisco allows the user to get up and close to their desks, something he requires, but other chairs often restrict. He continues, pointing out the slim build of the chair which doesnt take up studio space, the style and build quality of the chair, and of course the ability to sit in the reverse position, with the back rest providing chest support, something that counters back pains when leaning over his work. 

Finally, he enjoys the ability to be a bit lazy in the Capisco from time to time, and that previous ergonomical chairs he has tested out dont offer such comfort. All in all, the HÅG Capisco got two big thumbs up from Lawrence, and we are glad to see such a happy fan!

Broadcasters delight

It’s not the first time we've spotted the Capisco in studios online. American Comedian, actor and podcast extraordinaire Joe Rogan has decked out his studio with several HÅG Capiscos, with musician James Hetfield (Metallica), documentary maker Louis Theroux and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson just a few of the famous guests who have perched on the Capisco in recent years. He also regularly has to explain to his fans exactly what chair he is sat on, as you can tell by his Twitter feed!


In fact, it would appear that the HÅG Capisco is a popular choice for podcasters and radio DJ’s. We loved the reaction of Eddie Garcia of the Bobby Bones Show (USA) when he was gifted a HÅG Capisco by regular guest and Country Music star Tim McGraw.

UK based rapper, spoken word artist and podcaster Scroobius Pip is the latest broadcaster to jump on board with the HÅG Capisco. Recently revamping his studios with a pair of black Capisco's, Mr Pip hosts the Distraction Pieces podcast, which in the past has featured actor Simon Pegg (Star Trek, Shaun of the Dead) Russell Brand, and many others.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 15.49.21_resize.pngScroobius Pip decked out his recording studio with HÅG Capiscos after hearing Joe Rogan extolling their virtues on his Podcast series.

It's great to see the HÅG Capisco making such an impact in both the art and broadcast world, with professionals who spend such a long time sitting down relying on the human centred approach that HÅG take with personal well-being a cetral aspect of the experience.

The HÅG Capisco

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Richard Ferris on 04-Aug-2017 10:43:52



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