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Flokk on the big screen with co-star Gaston!

As André Franquin's famous Gaston Lagaffe character makes his silver-screen comeback, Flokk was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with lead set designer Franck Schwarz on recreating the film's set, transforming the Spirou offices into an innovative, collaborative start-up.

A creative adventure & a challenge to tackle head on

As a lover of the decorative arts and design, Franquin always took great care in surrounding his comic strip's iconic characters with designer pieces and furniture that was representative of the times. It makes sense then that Franck Schwarz decided to reach out to furniture manufacturer Flokk to create the film's set. Modular and innovative and set on revolutionising traditional office furniture, Flokk products are the perfect match for Gaston's workplace and philosophy.



"The difficulty was in finding furniture that worked with the vibe of the Gaston comic strip (…) One day we were lucky enough to pay a visit to the new BETC offices, which were furnished with Flokk furniture. The Capisco chair in particular caught our eye. Seeing the furniture was like a revelation! I had to have it in my film."- Franck Schwarz, Lead Set Designer.

Furniture to suit every space

Enthralled by the Capisco following a trip to the BETC offices, the designer ultimately decided to go with the entire range. The result is an uplifting mix of colourful cladding, artfully crafted materials and intuitive features that pop up in all the start-up's spaces: the bright red of the RBM Flip and Fold range energises the reception area, the playful, ingenious shapes of the RBM Twisted Little Star table and RBM Noor chairs make for a fun lunch area in the canteen, and a mustard yellow HÅG H05 was chosen for the boss's chair.




"This was a real meeting of minds. They gave us free rein to fully kit out the set. Flokk furniture is the ultimate embodiment of Franquin's tastes and Gaston's image! I'm delighted with the results and can't thank them enough for seeing this project through to the end." - Franck Schwarz, Lead Set Designer.

The Capisco in all its glory


The Capisco plays the lead role in this story. The HÅG brand's emblematic chair for over 30 years now, it performs alongside Gaston and his colleagues throughout the film, and is even the subject of some surreal experiments carried out by the clumsy employee.

Capisco chairs were used as the main seating across all the collaborative work spaces. Lighter, more contemporary Capisco Puls models were set up around the RBM stand-up lunch bars in all the informal meeting spaces.




"Meeting Franck Schwarz was fantastic because he immediately grasped the concept of the HAG Capisco seat: this is a holistic design that strikes the perfect balance between style and ergonomics, a product made to last that has been with us for 30 years now, remaining as contemporary as ever. We didn't have to think twice about working with Franck Schwarz on this project." – Olgica Pezin, Flokk France Director. 

About the HÅG Capisco

Designed to evoke the seated position of a rider, the HÅG Capisco office chair is the avant-garde mascot of Flokk's values: ergonomics, quality, design and eco-friendliness. HÅG Capisco is available in several versions adapted to different working heights or adjustable-height desks. All versions feature seat-saddles that can be adjusted for working low to the ground or higher up, including with standing desks, giving users total freedom of movement and excellent balance. 

The HÅG Capisco Puls is a more playful, lighter version of the classic Capisco. Made entirely from polypropylene, its shape was reworked for an even more dynamic user experience.

The HÅG Capisco

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