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Global firm promotes new corporate identity with complete office redesign

Working with interior architects Vedacon, global pharmaceutical firm Mundipharma combined an internal restructuring process with a complete office redesign, transforming the way their employees in Frankfurt worked.

The redevelopment followed the leasing new office space in the appealing Gateway Gardens complex, located on the banks of the river Main and a stone’s throw away from Frankfurt airport. The project was based on a concept developed by Vedacon, with the aim of inspiring a new way of working, creating an environment which fostered creativity and enabled the staff to work better.

Speaking about the project, Vedacon Managing Director Kathleen Zink said; “The goal was to create a modern, creative work environment characterised by a fresh and open design… Developing a forward thinking design concept, the project involved a complete restructuring of the way the team worked, whilst taking on the company’s new corporate design.”

Modern, creative, work environment

mundipharma_blog_4A small waiting area was set up in the entrance area, for visitors to relax in whilst waiting. Featured: Fan visitor chair, by Profim

To meet these aims, Vedacon implemented a completely redesigned floor plan for the 2400 m² office environment.  All employees including the management were placed in the open office space. The central area features functional spaces that offer employees opportunities for retreat and subdivides the open areas. Through glass walls, the rooms in the central zone remain transparent, but at the same time offer the opportunity for quiet and concentrated work.

In addition to a "Quiet Zone" which offers fully equipped workstations in a quiet room, there are various types of focus boxes for longer telephone calls and other private work, as well as small meeting rooms and an additional conference area. The rooms offer a variety of alternative work opportunities and collaboration areas through different furniture. Separate seating areas are also planned for short internal meetings in the open office space.

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mundipharma_blog_3Every worker has a workstation in the open plan office, with special zones set up for special tasks. Featured: HÅG Futu task chair

mundipharma_blog_1A new kitchen was designed, featured modern furniture and fittings, as well as a social space for employees to socialise on their breaks.

mundipharma_blog_6All divisional managers received height-adjustable meeting tables in addition to their desk, complete with stools, for short meetings with their team. Featured: HÅG Futu task chair, Mickey Stool by Profim

The new corporate design developed as part of the restructuring process was reflected across the entire work space. Graphic elements of the new brand identity were displayed in the foiling of glass partitions as well as in the entrance area with photo wallpaper. Corporate colours were applied in the entrance area and in reduced form in the office areas due to colour accents on the furniture.

Design led furniture

When it came to the furniture there were several objectives, as Kathleen explains: “All furniture specified had to have a modern design, needed to be comfortable and could be implemented in a variety of colour options, to meet the colour scheme aims.“

As a result, all standard workstations have been furnished with HÅG Futu task chairs. All divisional managers received height-adjustable meeting tables in addition to their desk. For the height-adjustable side table, Mickey stools by Profim were used. They allow short meetings while sitting and in a standing-sitting position.

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mundipharma_blog_9Each workstation was equipped with a HÅG Futu chair, offering comfort and ergonomic support throughout the workday.  Featured: HÅG Futu task chair

mundipharma_blog_8Through glass walls, the rooms in the central zone remain transparent, but at the same time offer the opportunity for quiet and concentrated work. Featured: HÅG Futu task chair

mundipharma_blog_2Various sized booths were created for quiet tasks such as making phone calls. Featured: Mickey Stool by Profim

mundipharma_blog_5The new layout included the "Quiet Zone" a room for quiet focused computer work, complete with signage indicating it's purpose. Featured: HÅG Futu task chair

The Mickey stool was also used in all focus boxes with a high table. The chair FAN 10HC by Profim was used for the focus boxes in the sitting position as well as in some of the small meeting rooms. A small waiting area with the FAN 10 HW range and the matching side table SR40 has also been set up in the entrance area.

Depending on the area, the furniture itself is the colour accent in the room or they are kept in a quiet shade of grey due to the already coloured walls.

The result of the redesign is a stylish, modern working environment, rejuvenating the office atmosphere, and providing a positive workplace staff can feel proud of.

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