Inspire great work

Office décor ideas that motivate and inspire

A warm and welcoming workspace can seriously affect overall mood and productivity, but good office design can do much more for your business. With the right décor and interior elements, you can create an office environment that gives your entire business a boost.

Your office is a representation of your brand, and a well-designed office should express your company image in a way that makes employees feel proud, not oppressed.

A productive office is one that combines your business image with the comforts of home. Getting this right can truly inspire and motivate your team, creating a healthy active working environment.

Check out our office décor ideas to design the office you deserve.

Showcase your company’s mission statement

Getting your company’s mission statement out there in a creative and visible way is a brilliant daily reminder to your team about what your brand is all about and can motivate and inspire. It’s also great at creating a positive impression to visitors and clients, letting them know exactly what you are about.

newukshowroom_01At Flokk our mission statement is the "Inspire great work"; we want our furniture to enable people to be as productive and creative as they can. Featured: HÅG Capisco Puls (left) & HÅG Capisco

Express your brand colours

Think about incorporating your brand’s colour scheme into your interior design. This can help with promoting a consistent message, and also gives you a helpful guideline when choosing interior style options.

kuo_web_2Designed by KuóStudios, this company's branding included a range of blues, expressed in the desk dividers and furniture material. Featured: HÅG SoFi mesh

Funky Lighting

Having as much natural light as possible is always a bonus, but where you do need lighting, look for creative options. Funky lighting can be a real talking point, and help to inspire creativity.

Idrottenshus010_resizeThe Swedish Sports Centre in Stockholm livened up what was a relatively plain room with some seriously creative lighting. | Featured: RBM Noor chairs, Offecct Carry On Stools

Stylish Room Dividers

Breaking up an open plan office into different work zones can not only help with concentration and productivity, it is also an opportunity to add colour and texture to your office environment, breaking up a boring wide space and creating homely, cozy areas.

vippsblog_05Rooms can also be divided creatively using furniture such as shelving or storage units. Location - Vipps.

Locally Sourced Artworks

One great way to add a community feel to your office is to seek out local artists to support and showcase through your office décor. Visit galleries and exhibitions in your local area to find something which suits your style, and you might even be able to get custom pieces made just for you.

Northernmonk_flokk_07Brewery Northern Monk commissioned a local artist to paint a mural on their breakout room wall. Featured: RBM Noor

Furniture Appeal

Upgrade your drab office furniture with a few unique or colourful statement pieces. Adding furniture with an eye catching colour or print, or a creative design can really add to the environment.

RSHP3Architects RSHP installed a colourful array of HÅG Capisco chairs for their office workers, combining comfortable and human-centred design with colourful eye-catching upholstery to really make a statement with their office.


A simple and effective way to spice up your office environment is to add some plants. Dotting an array of potted plants about the room is cost effective and really does help to improve mood and wellbeing, as well as adding colour and personality. If you don’t want the stress of watering real plants, there are a lot of synthetic options available.

dormy_4_webGolf retailers Dormy placed an array of plants across their open plan office, not only adding that natural feel, but doubling them up as workstation dividers. Featured: HÅG Capisco

What other tips do you have for making your office work for you? We’d love to hear your ideas too! Drop them in the comments below.

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