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Stockholm architects adopt exciting new way of working

For 50 years BSK Architects have been putting their unique mark on Sweden, designing and developing stunning architecture across the country. Last year they finished their move into a brand new complex in Stockholm, changing the way they work and creating an intimate showcase of their accomplishments.

BSK architects have several areas of expertise, designing offices, housing, educational and healthcare facilities, as well as general urban development. In 2016 they used their skills to develop their own environment, renovating their new headquarters, an 1100 m2 space located next to the Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm.

The project was inspired by two aims; to create a visually exciting showcase of the firm’s vision and accomplishments, and to change the way they worked - to create an activity-based and agile working environment for the 70 employees of the company.

bsk_01.jpgPhotographer: Mathias Nero

'A platform for the creative conversation'

Working on a single floor, the office is divided into three zones, enhanced with colours to help differentiate them more easily. They mark an active, semi-active and a quiet zone. The active zone is near the main entrance, and features a lounge, kitchen and a concentration of features the premises offers. In the semi-active zones you can find grouped workstations with screens, combined with meeting places and project tables. The quiet zone offers soundproofed workplaces at desks, sofas, and work chairs.

Running throughout, a metal suspension system can be found, creating a grid which runs as a red thread throughout all parts of the office, assuming different shapes depending on the activity and needs. Shelves, project tables and displays all feature in this grid as it snakes its way through the three zones, exposing the projects and processes in a clear and simple manner to employees and visitors alike.

Speaking about the design, Sarah Suneson Meiling, Interior Designer at BSK said “The different types of environments alternate between calm harmony and dynamics. In the lounge we play music, and here we go for nutrition in different forms. The lounge is a social oasis in the office that has quickly become very popular. Here, there is always a pulse.”

BSK_portrait.jpgInterior Architect Sarah Suneson Meiling headed up the design for the new working environment

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BSK_204_resize.jpgPhotographer: Mathias Nero

Movement in the workplace

A truly dynamic workplace, the office design combines a mixture of furniture offering different functions, which allows employees to find the perfect environment for their specific tasks. It also helps promote a healthy working lifestyle, encouraging workers to keep moving throughout the day.

The HÅG Capisco was specified in several of the more activity-based environments, located at meeting tables, and several of the grouped workstations. Higher gas stems were utilised at raised 'hot-desking' style desking. BSK specifically chose the HÅG Capisco because it helps to keep you moving. The HÅG in Balance technology, which invites continuous movement, was a big pull, as was its overall comfort and versatility. The firm also felt that the overall design added a nice aesthetic quality to the working environment, providing visual stimulus to the designers.

Video - What is HÅG in Balance?

BSK_012_resize.jpgPhotographer: Mathias Nero

Interior focus

Colour and light is utilised to create different atmospheres across the zones. Various pieces of furniture, artwork, and fabrics are used to add these colours. The quiet zone features various green tones combined with plants and inspirational literature to instill calm into the environment. The semi-active and active zones are more vibrant, with lively colours such as deep orange and purple creating a more exciting and dynamic landscape.

BSK_02.jpgPhotographer: Mathias Nero

BSK_03.jpgPhotographer: Mathias Nero

The main focus of the interior is to provide a great space for the material and the elements of the work which can never be digital in the work of an architect. Every project has a wagon, a vehicle which stores various materials, models, sketches and other physical objects that form part of the process. Through suspension systems, project trolleys and project tables, BSK have made it easy to change workplaces with the minimum of fuss, and the least chance of misplacing important tools for the job.

Since the move, everyone at BSK has been thrilled with their new workplace, and it has truly changed the way they all work. The new approach has galvanised the team, and provided a wonderful new environment they can truly call home.

Summarising the feeling, Sarah says; “The design triggers creativity and innovation, which seems to be spontaneous, unfinished and not completely perfect. A place for pleasure, dynamics and workshop. We live as we learn!”

The team behind the redesign

Responsible Interior Architect: Sarah Suneson Meiling

BSK's Interior Team: Denitsa Dineva, Maria Karatsaidou, Morgan Rudberg, Jessika Källeskog, Monica Stone

Lighting Planner: Ronnie Eckervig, Exengo

Project leader: BSK architects; Ulf Mangefors, Inger Billsjö

GoToWork: Susanne Thor and Karin Ståhl

Elkonsult: Exengo Installation Consultant

Electrical installer: Ågren's electricity, Johnny Ågren, Per Ågren

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