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The globe makers: A HÅG love story

In the Spring of 2017, Bellerby & Co Globemakers reached out to us; they wanted some chairs. The company's Head Painter, Ísis Linguanotto, was a huge fan of the HÅG Capisco, and after purchasing a 20 year-old model from eBay, the company was ready to make it the chair of choice for the whole workshop. We spoke to Ísis about what makes the HÅG Capisco the perfect chair for her line of work.

Bellerby & Co make exquisite globes. Founded by Peter Bellerby, the brand make handcrafted works of art from their London based workshop. When it comes to the day to day work of the dozen employees, the various tasks impose unique demands on the body, which is why they reached out to HÅG. When Bellerby & Co took delivery of their new chairs, Isis gave us an insight into what these were.

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"As head painter, my jobs include painting, shading and varnishing, at various different steps of the paining process. I also have to manage the rest of the team."

"On an average day I will be standing for 20% of my time. I will be going back and forth and 80% will be sitting, but also sitting down varies depending on what I’m working on. Sometimes it is nice to be at a higher height and sometimes at a lower level."

"So I’ll be painting on the globes, that’s my main job, that’s what takes whole days of my week and because the globes can often be quite big, I need to be going up and down and around it; that’s where the HAG chairs are good."

And it's this need for agile movement which attracted Ísis to the HÅG Capisco; a piece of furniture designed for flexibility, inviting users to move and change posture as much as they desire. With it's saddle seat, open backrest and the HÅG in Balance technology, you can sit forwards, backwards and sidewards comfortably, and even use the backrest to steady hands or lean on when bending forwards. All of this helps to maintain good posture, and prevent muscular skeletal injuries.


"My posture became a lot better, it’s nice to move around so you are not sitting in the same position the whole day. When I had this vintage looking industrial wooden stool, I was working and kept getting distracted, going round and around, painting in really awkward positions and only realised how painful it was later that night. With the HÅG I can just wheel myself around the globe."

"I’ll be going up and down all the time, wheeling myself around. If I’m doing something really detailed then I want to support my arm on something, I will just rest it on the chair to have a bit of arm support."

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It wasn't just the human factors which influenced their decision. The design of the HÅG Capisco enabled it to fit right into the studio. Sleek and graceful, yet stylish and alluring, the HÅG doesn't look like your typical office chair, which is exactly what they were looking for.



"What’s so appealing about the design and the whole ascetics of the chair is mostly how slim it looks. It’s not chunky, it doesn’t take up a lot of space; the studio is quite tight fitted. So it’s quite handy that they are slim and discreet but they also come in all sorts of colours so we could pick a varied selection of colours that really go with the atmosphere of the studio as well.

"We chose the colours for the chairs based on what would blend with the studio and not look to structured like an office so it matches the kind of casual looking environment that we’re in.

"The whole workforce has HÅG chairs now and when they arrived, all of them at once, it was like Christmas! All wrapped in plastic and people were fighting for which colour they wanted, it was all quite exciting."

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Richard Ferris on 15-May-2018 10:11:48

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